Card Game Library

Note: this seems to only work in Chrome. Since this was just a hackathon project, we did not bother supporting any other browsers.

For the spring 2011 Berkeley CSUA hackathon two friends and I designed and implemented a library for easily creating JavaScript card games. The goal behind the library was simple: the library’s user should be able to focus only on the rules of the game without worrying about the underlying HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I worked primarily on the abstractions in the library as well as the Klondike game. So the files I mostly wrote were {Card, Deck, Hand, Solitaire}.js. Jonathan Ewart worked on the actual UI code and the game of War and Valerie Woolard worked on the graphics and visual design.

We ended up getting 2nd place at the hackathon and winning Kindles, which was nice.

The Klonide source: [show]

You can get the full source on Google Code.