Here are the slides for talks I’ve given at meetups and conferences. Presenting is fun! Unfortunately, most were not recorded. I included links to the ones that were.

Me giving a talk at the SF Haskell meetup at Wagon.

My older slides were produced with a customized version of org-html5presentation.el that does not work properly in Firefox. I’ve included pdf versions for these—they are ugly but readable. Newer slides, based on reveal.js (still built from org mode) should work everywhere (including mobile).

Programming Languages/Haskell

Lambda World 2018 in Seattle:

Compose 2017 in NYC:

East Bay Haskell hosted by LeapYear in Berkeley:

Compose 2016 hosted by JP Morgan in New York:

SF Haskell meetup hosted by Wagon:

BayHac 2015: a small annual Haskell conference/hackathon:

Haskell Hackers meetup (at Hacker Dojo):

Two lightning talks at BayHac 2013:

A longer talk at Hac φ 2013:

Type Theory

I gave a series of talks introducing type theory at the SF Types, Theorems and Programming Languages meetup at Mixrank HQ, going from the untyped λ-calculus to dependent types.

I’m not sure I would recommend following these slides, but this general progression is a great way to learn the underlying theory. Implementing interpreters for each stage, working up from the untyped lambda calculus to dependent types, is a great way to learn—it’s less of a climb than it seems!


I did a survey of functional reactive programming (FRP) for CS 263 at Berkeley. At the end of the semester, I gave a presentation on the subject: